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Informative Notice relating to Cookies under Articles 13 and 122, of the Personal Data Protection Act (Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 and subsequent amendments and additions, hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Act”)

Under the provisions of articles 13 and 122, of the Privacy Act (Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 and subsequent amendments and additions), INIM Electronics S.r.l., with headquarters in 63076 Monteprandone (AP) in via dei Lavoratori 10, Tax Identification Number and Registration Number in the Register of Companies at the Chamber of Commerce of Ascoli Piceno 01855460448 (hereinafter referred to as “INIM”), makes known to you, the visitor to the website (hereinafter, respectively referred to as the “User” and the “Site”) the following information.

1. What are cookies

Cookies are text files that an Internet website, such as the Site, send to the terminals of Users in order to allow the Site owner to store some of the data transmitted by the browser used during navigation.
Cookies are used in order to perform computer authentication, track sessions and store information specific to Users who access the server and, normally, are present in the User's browser in a very high number.
By means of cookies the Site may, among other things, carry out an analysis of the habits of the User in order to adapt the services offered by the Site to suit the User's requirements, or to facilitate the User during navigation activities (for example, by saving the User's username and password so that it is not necessary to enter them each time the User accesses the Site).

This Cookie Policy governs also the use, as part of the Site, of similar technologies to cookies, such as pixel tags and web beacons, or the kind of technology, often used in conjunction with cookies, recoverable within a website such as an email body, with the purpose of tracing the activities on websites or opening emails.

2. What are the types of cookies used by the Site and for what purpose

The Site uses the following types of cookies:

Type of cookie Function
Navigation cookie Navigation cookies allow the Site to operate properly and allow the User to:
  1. view, from first access, the Site contents in the User's own language. The navigation cookies are, in fact, capable of recognizing which country the User is connecting from, and ensure that, whenever the User visits the Site, they will be automatically directed to the version of the Site prepared for the User's country of origin;
  2. login to the Site and, if necessary, manage individual purchases. Thanks to the navigation cookies, the Site recognizes registered Users.
The navigation cookies are necessary for proper operation of the Site.
Analytical cookies These are used to process statistical analysis regarding how Users navigate on the Site. INIM's analytical cookies collect information in aggregate form and process the analysis results in an anonymous way for statistical purposes.
Analytical cookies are not required for proper operation of the Site.
Functional cookies These allow the Site to recognize the User on the basis of a specific request (expressed, for example, by clicking on “Stay connected” or “Remember”) thus the User is not obliged to re-enter their login information each time they visit the Site.
The functional cookies are not required for proper operation of the Site, however, they improve its quality and, at the same time, the User's navigation experience.
Marketing cookies These are used by INIM (or by third party companies who are trusted by INIM) and allow:
  1. the Users of the Site to display banner ads on other affiliate sites, showing them the latest products appraised on the Site;
  2. to show Users, during navigation on the Site, products and/or services that may be of interest to them or which are similar to those appraised and/or previously purchased, based on the User's browsing history.
The marketing Cookies are not required for proper operation of the Site.

3. How to grant prior consent to the use of cookies

The Navigation cookies are “technical” cookies necessary for proper operation of the Site.

The Analytical Cookies are not required for proper operation of the Site, however, seeing as they pursue solely statistical purposes and collect data in aggregate form processed in an anonymous way by INIM, they can be used without the prior consent of the User.

Given the above, each User can, however, choose to disable Navigation Cookies and Analytic Cookies by simply changing their browser settings, it is to be understood that, in this case, certain functions provided by the Site will not be available to the User. Following are the direct links to the websites of the main browsers where the User can set up their cookie preferences:

Internet Explorer:

With regard to Functional Cookies and Marketing Cookies, the User will be able to grant or withhold consent to their use by clicking on the appropriate boxes at the end of this Informative Notice.
The refusal to grant consent does not make it impossible for the User to navigate on the Site but will deny the User access to some functions.

The User may at any time exercise their rights under Article 7 of the Privacy Act, as well as receive instructions on how to grant or not grant their consent to cookies, or on how to delete cookies from their browser, by sending an email to

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